Parents say they want their children treated more critically

A Canadian mother says her nine-year-old son, now a teenager, has suffered brain damage, is unable to speak and has had trouble eating.

The boy is in hospital with life-threatening brain damage and has suffered seizures and is unable of eating, said his mother, Tammy Aylward, at a news conference on Tuesday.

Tammy Aulward says she has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from friends, family and strangers for her son, who suffers from epilepsy.

She has been in intensive care since July.

Aylwards daughter said she’s been worried for her daughter’s health and said she’d been receiving death threats.

She’s my little princess. “

She’s my life, she’s my strength.

She’s my little princess.

I love her so much.”

Tammy Ailward, a nurse, said her son had seizures and had been on a ventilator and on the ventilators for six weeks.

She said she and her husband were told by doctors they should have stopped the venturing to see the boy because of the severity of his injuries.

The family has been living in a rental home with their two young children in Winnipeg since the accident, and Aylsward said the hospital had kept them in isolation and prevented their family from speaking to their son, and even from seeing him for three months.

“I was so scared that they wouldn’t let us see our son,” Ailwards said.

She had no idea her son was being taken away.

She was surprised to hear that the boy was suffering brain damage.

Aulwards family has received death threats Aylisward said she felt her son’s condition was improving after he was admitted to hospital, but she said he continued to be on the respirator.

Tammy said she is worried about the boy’s safety, but said she has learned to accept her son is going to need some time to recover. “

We were told we could put him on the airway, but that’s not happening,” Aulards mother said.

Tammy said she is worried about the boy’s safety, but said she has learned to accept her son is going to need some time to recover.

“If I could go back in time and take care of my son, I would, but we’re going to have to move forward,” she said, noting that she and other parents had been overwhelmed.

The Aulords said they plan to keep their son in the care of a family member until they can visit him.

Ailwings’ husband said his wife was shocked to learn the boy had died.

“At first, she thought it was an accident, but when we learned that it was brain damage she started crying,” he said.

The Canadian Press has requested an interview with Tammy Ailsward.

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