How to prevent brain cancer: Everett clinic to get $5M in federal grants

The Everett Clinic, which operates out of a former Boston hospital, has been given a $5 million federal grant to develop a brain-cancer diagnostic device that will be implanted in the brain of a patient.

The device, which will be tested at Everett’s facility in Everett, Washington, will be connected to a smartphone and monitored for 20 hours a day, allowing doctors to see if the device is working properly.

The everett center received the grant from the National Institutes of Health, which has been awarded $5.2 million in grants since the beginning of the year, according to the American Cancer Society.

The Everett Center also received a $1.5 million grant to expand its imaging facility, a grant that also includes $1 million in equipment and services.

The research center has been operating under the name Boston University Medical Center for the past 18 months, but the new grant comes two years after it was shuttered.

The center was founded by Everett resident and physician James C. Barger, who has been the institute’s director since 2010.

According to a news release, the new project will be led by Dr. Paul K. Kestell, a Harvard-trained neurosurgeon who has worked in neurosurgery and neurology at the Massachusetts General Hospital since 2003.

The project is the brain tumor detection device’s first major step toward clinical trials, which are expected to start this year.

Barger is also the author of two best-selling books, including “The Path of the Brain,” which is a guide for those seeking treatment for the disease.

Kestell will be working closely with Dr. Daniel S. Cohen, an oncologist and professor of pathology at Boston University, to develop the device, and Cohen will be collaborating with the ector, which is expected to be complete by early 2019.

The ector is expected “to become the first device for the brain that is highly responsive to electrical signals and capable of identifying tumors without surgery,” according to a release from the Everett Medical Center.

Dr. Kesterling said the ectors goal is to create a device that can detect tumors in the mouse brain within three to five days, with the aim of making the device cheaper than current methods of tumor detection.

Dr Kestelz said that with the new device, doctors will be able to monitor the patient’s brain activity in real time, which can potentially lead to an improved diagnosis and treatment for patients with brain tumors.

The institute is hoping that the device will help doctors better understand the disease and how to best treat patients.

“We believe the brain is the most sophisticated organ in the body and that this device will enable us to better understand how to treat tumors, and eventually how to prevent tumors,” Kesteller said in a statement.

“The ector will also be a useful tool for future research in the study of the human brain and related diseases, including those affecting the nervous system.”

The ectors device will be manufactured by M-Systems, a New York-based manufacturer of medical devices, and it will be available for use by doctors and patients, Kestels said.

“The ectoys technology will be a powerful tool to provide important breakthroughs in brain tumor diagnostics, which could dramatically improve our understanding of the disease,” he added.

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