How to make healthy eating a priority in the Philippines

A woman in the southern Philippines is using a diet she created to lose weight after years of eating junk food and pills.

The 29-year-old, who goes by “Yolanda,” says she can lose weight for weeks on end, even months, thanks to her diet.

She says she eats about a dozen times a day.

In her home city of Davao, she said she gets a little bit of assistance from her mother.

Yolandra says she has tried all kinds of things, including supplements and diet pills, and has found that they help her lose weight.

She has been able to keep her weight down to the point where she can walk around comfortably without her glasses on.

She has also been able do yoga.

But she says the problem is that she can’t make herself eat, so she’s taking more of a pill regimen.

Her diet has made her very tired.

And she has a new worry: She says her family’s food is becoming a problem.

The family in Davao has been a big source of stress to her.YOLANDA: My parents are getting more and more stressed because I have to do this, so I’m getting worried.

She said she thinks she may be at risk for a rare genetic disorder that causes her body to lose fat at a slower rate than other women.

A doctor told her she might have a thyroid disorder and a high blood pressure.YELANDA says her mother, a nurse, is worried because she does not have a doctor to look into her case.

But she says her health is good and her doctors have not told her that.

She is happy she is doing well.

The Philippine government has tried to get rid of the stigma surrounding thyroid disease.

But the government says people with it should be treated for it as a disease.

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