What Cleveland Clinic and Weston Clinic hope to bring to their Ohio clinic

CLEVELAND — Cleveland Clinic Weston has been in business for nearly two decades and is poised to open its first medical office in Weston.

The Cleveland Clinic Easton and Westover Clinic, as the two clinics are called, are both located in the same neighborhood of Columbus.

The two clinics have a long history.

Both have undergone extensive renovations and upgrades since the clinics first opened in 1992.

The Cleveland Clinic opened a second clinic in the Columbus area in 2004.

In 2016, Weston opened its first office in Columbus.

In an interview, C.S. Korsh said the two Cleveland Clinic clinics have different roles and different audiences.

For example, while Weston is more focused on people with autism and related disabilities, CCL is more concerned with people who are on Medicare and Medicaid.

Both clinics offer a wide variety of services.

Weston offers specialty services for the elderly, those with chronic conditions and those who are low income.CCL offers a range of preventive services, including cancer screenings and blood tests.

Both clinics also offer dental and vision care.

The new Weston clinic, which opened in January, will offer services like screening for HIV, the flu and other sexually transmitted diseases, as well as a range, from preventive to cosmetic, including hair treatments.

C.S., which owns the Cleveland Clinic, said it is not ready to announce the location of its new clinic.

It will open the office in a renovated building near Westlake Park, and the Cleveland Health and Human Services Agency is overseeing the project.

The Weston, Ohio, clinic was built in 1928 and opened its doors in 1940.

The Easton clinic opened in 1946 and has been serving the Westlake and Northeast communities for more than two decades.

Both offices are located in a large community of about 3,000 people.

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