Phoenix Clinic, an Arizona medical marijuana clinic, opens in Oregon

The Phoenix Clinic is opening its doors to the public on Wednesday.

The Phoenix Clinic will be located in a former auto parts factory on the west side of Phoenix, just east of downtown.

It will serve patients in the community that is also a hub for dispensaries, growers and manufacturers.

Phoenix Clinic co-owner Scott Schreiber said the Phoenix Clinic plans to be an inclusive, safe, and compassionate environment for patients, growers, caregivers and manufacturers.

“We will work closely with the Phoenix Police Department to keep everyone safe,” he said.

The clinic will have a location that is not far from a school, the headquarters of the county’s Department of Public Health, and will provide a wide variety of services, including emergency medical, primary care and substance abuse treatment.

Schreiber plans to work with Phoenix Police to build a secure facility that will be staffed by medical professionals who are licensed to practice medicine in the state of Arizona.

The facility will be open to the general public, but will require the following:All medical marijuana products will be sold at the clinic, but only from licensed manufacturers and processors; and only at the Phoenix clinic.

Patients will be able to grow their own plants.

Schwartz, who grew marijuana in his home, said he is proud of the clinic’s plans to create a safe, welcoming and supportive environment for people who need marijuana.

“It’s a new beginning for us.

It’s not something we’re expecting to be in for a long time,” he told NBC News.

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