Why is the Cleveland Clinic treating more patients in the ward than expected?

A Cleveland Clinic clinic is the first in the nation to be required to open its wards in an effort to stem the spread of coronavirus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday.

The agency said the new rule, announced in March, was prompted by a spike in cases at the Cleveland Health Clinic, where more than 2,500 people have tested positive for coronaviruses so far this year.

The hospital, which has an annual patient population of more than 30,000, said it is treating patients in new wards and expanding programs to address infections.

The hospital also is conducting community-based programs to prevent infections.

The CDC said the Cleveland clinic’s average annual patient volume of 4,000 people is far less than what it expected to see in 2017, and that the clinic has been working to reduce the number of new patients by up to 35 percent in the past year.

The Cleveland Clinic said Thursday that the hospital had made the necessary improvements in recent months to reduce cases and is moving to meet new infection goals.

The Cleveland Health Care System is also testing for coronas, a measure that monitors coronaviral cases and measures the number and location of cases, said a statement from the agency.

The new rules apply to the Cleveland Clinics main outpatient and outpatient units.

Cleveland Clinic officials say the change is not meant to affect the number or location of patients in a ward.

The center has seen a spike of new cases in the last month.

In 2016, the Cleveland Medical Center reported that its emergency room saw nearly 2,100 new coronavillos, or about 7 percent of all cases, and the Cleveland Park and Recreation Center saw about 1,600 cases.

The center’s emergency room reported about 10,000 new coronas.

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