Cat Clinic in Cleveland Clinic Weston: A cat cafe, a cat-themed spa and more

Cleveland Clinic and Cat Clinic Westons owner, L.A. vet, cat-loving cat aficionado and Cat Rescue Mission founder Mark Schulte is launching the Cleveland Clinic Pet Clinic West on July 16.

The pet clinic will be a place to shop, take in the sights, meet other pet lovers and spend quality time with the furry friends you know.

It will be staffed by veterinarians and other professionals in the Cleveland pet and human care fields, including veterinary students and staff at the Cleveland Animal Hospital and Pet Clinic.

The Cleveland Clinic Animal Hospital, which will be the center of the pet clinic, will also be part of the mix.

Cat Rescue Mission cofounder and CEO, Kelly Wray, told The Hindu that the Cleveland clinic will offer a great place to spend time with your cat or dog, especially if you have a pet-obsessed family member.

“We think it will be great for everyone,” she said.

“The pet shop will have a whole bunch of cat-related products, from cat food to grooming supplies, and you can even shop for your cat’s favorite foods.”

The Cleveland Clinic is one of the top dog parks in the country, with more than 2,000 cats roaming around.

Cat owners can shop for their favorite feline companions online and shop locally at the pet store, which is located on Westlake Boulevard.

“We want the pet shop to be the ultimate pet shopping experience,” Wray said.

The Cleveland clinic has an array of activities for the pet owners.

“You can have a dog show, meet the local veterinarian, pet shop, pet food shop, dog walk, pet grooming shop, and much more,” Schultes said.

There are three levels of pet care: pet clinics, cat clinics, and kennels.

The first level will offer cat-friendly grooming supplies for your pet, while the second and third level will be geared towards kennel care, such as grooming and nutrition, as well as other pet-related activities.

“Cat and dog care will be available in the pet and kink shops, as we hope to provide pet owners with a holistic and holistic approach to their pets,” Schuntes said, noting that the pet clinics will offer more kenneling services than the kenneled areas.

“I’m excited about the Cleveland Cat Clinic and I think it’s a great fit for us, because of our cat and dog owners, and the fact that we are so close together,” Wieghs said.

Schultes and Wiegns are hoping to open the Cleveland Pet Clinic in early July.

“It will be an opportunity for people to come to Cleveland, shop, play and enjoy themselves,” Schunde said.

Wiegn, who works as a pet shop manager, said the Cleveland cat clinic will make her home-away-from-home life more convenient.

“There will be no need to drive to the city,” Wileg said.

“The Cleveland Cat and Dog Clinic is an amazing place to have fun, spend quality hours with your furry friends, and connect with other pet owners,” Schute said, adding that he and Wray are also looking for help from local businesses to help open the new clinic.

“Hopefully, it will serve the city well.”

For more information, visit the Cleveland Veterinary Clinic website.

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