Which state is the biggest for meningitis?

According to the latest US Census Bureau figures, the state with the biggest population increase over the past five years was New York. 

 In the same period, the city with the smallest population increase was California, with about a 1.4 per cent population increase. 

“As a result of population growth, there is a greater need for the state health system to expand,” said Dr Jennifer Hickey, the director of the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Center for Health and Wellness. 

However, she added that there was no evidence that the state was experiencing an increase in infection rates.

“What we know is that we have a lot of our most infectious people in rural areas, and we have high rates of poverty and in rural communities, we have the highest rate of obesity and diabetes,” Dr Hickey said.

“We don’t have as many new cases as we used to, but we have some people that are having serious infections.” 

She added that the recent spike in cases was not linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

“It could just be the natural fluctuations in numbers of people in our hospitals and clinics and so on,” she said.

Dr Hickey also pointed to the fact that New York had been hit by a series of earthquakes, and said the state’s health system was doing a good job coping.

“I think that we are doing very well, and certainly we are taking advantage of this very, very, good health situation,” Dr Moulden said.


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