Australian doctors are being paid to treat people who have Ebola in the US

A group of Australian doctors have been paid to fight Ebola patients in the United States, a move that comes just weeks after the US government announced a plan to quarantine all of the country’s health workers from the virus.

Key points:The group is called Doctors for a Liberated America (DFLA)The group claims the payment is not related to the Ebola crisisThe group says the group has been working with health care workers who have been infectedThe payment was announced on Thursday, but the group is not affiliated with the Ebola outbreakThe DFLA says its payments are not related, but are meant to give a small percentage of the funds they receive to doctors who are treating Ebola patients.

The statement goes on to say the payments are “not related” to the ongoing Ebola crisis.”

This is a temporary measure, which will allow our community health staff to continue to provide care to our patients, and we would like to thank the many healthcare workers who are working with us to make this possible.”

The statement goes on to say the payments are “not related” to the ongoing Ebola crisis.

The DFA’s statement comes just days after the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development announced a series of measures aimed at controlling the spread of the virus in the UK.

The UK has announced it will quarantine its health workers and restrict them from traveling to countries with Ebola-affected countries.

The US is also set to ban the use of isolation and isolation equipment in the coming days.

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