What you need to know about the controversial nurse specialist

The Queensland Government has launched a scathing attack on a nurse specialist who was promoted to the position of medical nurse specialist (RNSP) and is now the Queensland Health Minister. 

The Queensland Health Department announced on Tuesday the promotion of Fiona Ketter would be reviewed after a review by the Health and Medical Services Commission (HMSC). 

The HSC said Ms Ketter had failed to demonstrate she was qualified to become a nurse practitioner, but that she was the “most qualified candidate” for the position.

The HSMC also found Ms Ketterna was not qualified to hold a medical degree, had a history of drug abuse and had had two previous convictions.

“It was also found she had no experience of managing patients in a hospital setting and no training in nursing and had no clinical nursing qualifications,” Ms Kettleerna said.

She had been appointed as a medical nurse practitioner by the Government in April 2015, a position she held until December this year.

Ms Ketter has now been promoted to RNSP, and has been appointed to the post until December 2021.

But she will face further scrutiny from the HSMCs audit committee when she faces questions over her treatment of patients at the Manly Hospital.

In February, the HSC’s chairperson, Professor Alan Richardson, said the review would examine Ms Kater’s treatment of five patients who had been taken to Manly, but the HSHC’s chief executive, Fiona Scott, said it would not be done until a full audit of the medical record had been completed.

Prof Richardson said the HSSC would be undertaking an audit of Ms Katers medical record to find out if it contained any breaches of patient confidentiality.

He said the audit would also examine Ms Scott’s training and qualifications.

It was the third time Ms Scott had been promoted from medical nurse to medical nurse.

Professor Richardson said a full review of Ms Scott was the only way the HSUC could know if there was a problem with the way Ms Ketzerna treated the patients.

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