Doctors and nurses give lifeline to patients with liver failure

A doctor and a nurse are giving lifeline for people with liver disease and other problems, as the National Health Service struggles to cope with a surge in the number of people needing treatment.

A group of more than 200 people have come through the Victoria Health Clinic for liver problems and other conditions, which are common in the UK, in the past two weeks.

The clinic, located at the Westfield Shopping Centre, has seen a record number of patients, with almost 70 per cent of patients needing medical treatment.

Dr Peter Williams, an emergency specialist at the clinic, said there was a “real urgency” to address the rising number of liver diseases.

“Liver failure has increased in the last few years.

There is a real urgency here to get this right, and we are really working really hard,” he said.

Dr Williams said there had been an “upsurge in liver failure”.

“We’re seeing a lot of patients who were previously on liver transplantation who have a condition that doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the transplant.”

These patients are actually dying.

“The number of hospitalised patients has doubled in the five years since the NHS began allowing people to get liver transplants, and many of the patients at the Victoria clinic have been waiting for a liver transplant for years.”

This is the most serious liver disease that you can get, and this is what’s happening with a lot more people,” Dr Williams said.”

It’s a very significant number of these people who are waiting to get a transplant, and they need a lot better care than they’re getting.

“The Victoria Health Centre has a waiting list of more then 1,000 patients.

There are two waiting rooms for patients with severe liver problems at the hospital, and staff have been using a combination of physical and verbal persuasion to persuade patients to get their liver transplanted.”

We have people who’ve had liver failure before who have been treated in the liver transplant unit before, and now they’ve got their liver transplant and they’re really happy to get it, and that’s a real relief,” Dr Simon Fergusson, chief operating officer at the centre, said.

He said patients who are unable to get transplants would be given “lifeline” appointments, as well as counselling and information sessions.”

In our care, we are not in a place where we have enough people to cope and be able to cope, so that’s why we are doing this,” he added.”

And that’s what we are trying to do now, we’re trying to get as many people as we can.

“Mr Williams said patients were given a choice between a liver donation and a “lifetime” with their liver.”

There’s no way we’re ever going to get rid of a patient from this life, because there is a lifetime of that patient’s illness.

“So we want to give them a lifetime of their illness,” he explained.

“For example, if they have a chronic disease, they will have that chronic disease for the rest of their lives.”

The NHS has said there are more than 7,000 liver transplans every year, and it is currently treating around 3,000 new cases.

The Victoria centre will continue to provide liver transplations until March 2019, but patients who do not have a liver donor can still be offered one by the Victoria Heart Foundation.

The charity says it has received more than 100 liver donations from people in Victoria and across the country, and is working with the Victorian Government to increase its intake of liver transplant patients.

Dr Ferguson said the Victoria centre had been inundated with calls from patients with serious liver problems.

“People are really happy about it,” he told the ABC.

“I think the whole system is doing its best to accommodate it.”

The reality is, we just can’t get people who need liver transplats in the country.

So we are just hoping that people will go through the proper channels.

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