Australian scientists and clinicians will be paid up to $30,000 a year

AUSTRALIAN scientists and clinical labs will be able to get up to an additional $30 a week to support their families as part of a proposed government shake-up.

Key points:Women’s health clinics, clinical laboratories will be allowed to get an extra $30 per week to help support their careA total of 20 medical staff will be covered, up from 16Current funding of $25,000 is set to expire in 2021.

The Government announced on Thursday it would fund about 50 per cent of the $120 million to provide services to women and their families.

But in a move that will surprise many, the Government is not looking to just make up the shortfall with grants.

Instead, it is moving to fund medical staff, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists and midwives.

It is also creating a new position for women’s and families to be a key element of the plan.

The move comes as the Government’s medical workforce has been stretched, with more doctors and pharmacists to retire and more maternity staff to go.

It is believed the Government will be providing funding for women to stay at home, to have their own childcare, and to provide support for families.

Women and families will also be able get an additional 25 per cent from the new Medical Health Fund to cover the cost of caring for the sick and disabled.

“It’s really important that we provide a better, more equitable, more effective care for women and families, and it is really important to have a very strong, dedicated medical workforce,” Dr Michael Boulton, the Health Minister, said on Thursday.

“That’s what we are talking about here.”

We want to ensure that there’s a strong, effective medical workforce that can meet the needs of the women and the families that need to be supported.

“Women and their carers can also expect a reduction in the costs of some medical tests and treatment, including tests to determine if they are pregnant.

The changes mean that women’s medical care will continue to be funded on a sliding scale from $25 per week for primary care to $15 per week.

However, a new Medical Service Fund will cover the costs for services like maternity and neonatal care and for women who are caring for children.”

This is a significant investment in women’s healthcare, it will make sure we are investing in women in the future.””

It has been built on the premise that this is a very difficult time for our health system.”

This is a significant investment in women’s healthcare, it will make sure we are investing in women in the future.

“The new fund will be available to any woman who has been a primary care nurse or a registered nurse, a nurse practitioner or a clinical laboratory scientist, and any woman in their 40s who has worked in primary care for five years or more.”

For women and carers, the funding is the right thing to do, and this will allow them to continue to access the services they need,” Dr Boulston said.”

I would also like to thank the women in my family, who have worked in this sector for many years, for the commitment they have made to the Government, and for the work they are doing.

“The Government has also announced it will set up an online forum to provide information about the changes to women.

A spokesperson said the Government had committed to investing in health in the community, and that the new policy was intended to give women a better chance of a secure, stable and happy life.

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