GOP’s tax bill is dead, but Obamacare repeal will be worth it

The Senate’s tax plan is dead and the House’s version is a mere month away.

Republicans are still working on repealing the Affordable Care Act.

But both bills would leave millions of Americans without insurance and leave the country with an even worse tax burden.

They are also not good news for Obamacare repeal, because their repeal would allow insurance companies to offer even higher prices for the sick and poor, forcing insurers to raise premiums for everyone.

That will be bad news for those who already have insurance.

In a recent Washington Post poll, just over half of Americans surveyed said the tax bill was a bad or very bad deal for their health care.

More than two-thirds said the bill is a “very bad” or “somewhat bad” deal for them.

“If you’re like me and have health insurance, you’re probably going to pay more out of pocket than you would under a plan that’s much less generous, that’s not as generous as it could be, that doesn’t provide as much relief for you and your family,” said Mark Zandi, chief economic strategist at Moody’s Analytics.

It’s no wonder many people are looking to repeal Obamacare as soon as possible.

The House bill is not as sweeping as the Senate plan, but it is not a perfect bill either.

Its repeal of the individual mandate and the individual and employer mandates would raise premiums, while the bill does not allow states to waive the penalties for individuals who don’t have insurance or for those whose insurance doesn’t meet federal standards.

The Trump administration is already planning to repeal the mandate, but the Trump administration will not be able to do that by itself, as it can only act on legislation passed by the Senate.

If it wants to, it can still force insurance companies not to offer coverage to people who don.

But it’s not clear how this will work in practice, and the legislation’s repeal will not have much of an impact on insurers in states that have not adopted the federal mandate.

Insurers have already said that their business is on hold as they wait for the repeal to take effect.

Even with the repeal, the Affordable Health Care Act would still be the law of the land.

But many Republicans believe that it is the only way to make their health insurance marketplaces work.

If the House and Senate tax bills fail to reach agreement, then the Trump Administration will have to find other ways to force insurance markets to be open and offer coverage.

“They will have no choice but to go back to the drawing board,” said Robert Blendon, an analyst with the conservative American Action Forum.

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