The ‘craziest, most bizarre’ wolf eye clinic in the country

In what’s being described as the most bizarre, most insane and most bizarre wolf eye surgery clinic in America, an eye that looks like a wolf’s eye has been implanted into a dog.

Wolf Eye surgery, a practice that has been around for decades in the United States, involves removing the wolf’s eyeball and placing a new one.

The procedure is a rare and controversial procedure that many vets are now beginning to question.

The first clinic in New Mexico to perform it, the Dr. Wolf Eye Clinic in El Paso, opened in February 2018, and has already undergone several surgeries.

The procedure is also controversial.

Some veterinarians say that the wolf eye is a sign of bad karma, a sign that the dog is being groomed to be a wolf.

But Dr. Jason Calkins, a former owner of a dog who lost his eye, says that the procedure is no more than cosmetic surgery that could have been done in a hospital.

“This procedure is so barbaric it is sickening,” Calkens said.

“If I can’t fix this, what am I going to do?

If I can fix this I’ll fix the other stuff.”

In 2018, Calkons dog, a female Lab mix, was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer called Dravet Syndrome, which has a 99 percent survival rate, and it was diagnosed as a wolf eye.

The cancer had spread to his eye and caused the pup to have a loss of vision in his right eye, according to Calkings Facebook page.

Doctors said that this was due to a tumor growing on the side of the eye that would grow in the future.

But when he underwent surgery in 2019, C.J. had no problem getting his eye back.

He has since regained the use of his left eye.

Dr. Calkers son, Cody, had the same cancer and went to the same surgery clinic.

When Cody went through surgery to have the eye removed, doctors removed the tumor and placed the eye in the dog.

The doctors said that the surgery was very effective, and the dog has now returned to him.

Calkins told Fox News that he is now considering a lawsuit against the clinic because the surgery has caused him grief.

“It is like a family member has died and I’m the one left with a grieving loss, he said.

According to the Center for Veterinary Medicine, more than 1,000 wolf eye surgeries are performed in the U.S. every year.

Dr. Cakins says that his son is the only one who has been successfully treated and returned to his normal life.

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