What’s in baton-riding clinic?

A clinic that helps young women get their teeth cleaned and their teeth brushed, according to a new report.

The baton Rouge Clinic, at the U.S. Army Medical Center at Fort Leonard Wood, N.Y., has been in operation since May and offers services to more than 6,000 women ages 18 to 50.

The program is operated by the Army Medical Corps.

Its primary goal is to address the root causes of tooth decay and help young women develop healthier lifestyles, according Dr. Elizabeth D’Agostino, the clinic’s chief executive officer.

The clinic has also launched a program that provides dental care for those who need it most.

D’Agotho, who is the program’s director, said the clinic was created by the Corps in collaboration with the New York State Dental Association.

She said she hopes the program will help other girls in New York City and beyond find their way to a dental clinic.

It’s really about making a dent in their lives, and giving them the opportunity to have that opportunity.” “

We’re trying to help these girls that need it.

It’s really about making a dent in their lives, and giving them the opportunity to have that opportunity.”

The clinic was founded in May after the Army’s Office of the Chief of Staff and the New Jersey Dental Council requested that the Corps provide a dental facility that would be able to address tooth decay issues for soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This is the first year the program has been able to operate in New Jersey, where the Army was in the midst of the Iraq and Afghan wars, according D’Agostino.

The clinic has had success in treating more than 200 women, with 98% completing the program, according a statement from the Corps.

The program’s success is a sign of the Corps’ commitment to the dental community, D’Arcy O’Connell, the Corps deputy director of dental programs, said in a statement.

“This clinic is not just a dental office,” she continued.

“It’s a dental community where young women and girls, who may not be able or interested in the dental world, have a dental opportunity to get their dentures and braces done.

We are excited to partner with the Corps and the Department of Defense to expand our reach into this underserved and underserved community and continue to work to meet the dental needs of our troops.”

A number of dental clinics in New England have opened over the last year, according the dental association.

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