What do you think about the coronavirus vaccine?

The coronaviruses are being rolled out across the United States, including in Ohio, but doctors and health officials are still unsure about what symptoms patients might experience.

A new study by the Ohio State University, published Monday in the journal PLOS One, is the first to look at patients with depression who received a vaccine in Ohio.

Researchers found that nearly two-thirds of the patients had symptoms similar to those of other people who had not received the vaccine.

“The vast majority of the study subjects were also receiving antidepressants,” said study co-author Stephanie Gebauer, a graduate student at Ohio State.

“And we found that those who had received a placebo were also more likely to have depression symptoms than those who received the coronivirus vaccine.”

Gebaer and her colleagues looked at more than 5,400 patients in Ohio who were receiving the coronovirus vaccine at four Ohio hospitals.

The patients were also asked about depression symptoms and symptoms related to their disease, including fatigue, loss of interest in things they once enjoyed, anxiety and insomnia.

The researchers found that the most common symptoms reported by patients who had been vaccinated included mild to moderate symptoms of depression.

Depression symptoms reported in people who did not receive the vaccine included increased fatigue, depression, weight loss, loss in energy, and sleep disturbance.

About one in 10 of the people who received vaccinated people were also experiencing symptoms that were similar to people who were not vaccinated.

A third of the vaccine recipients reported having more symptoms than people who hadn’t received the vaccination.

The study was funded by the National Institutes of Health.

The Ohio State study was the first large-scale study to look specifically at depression symptoms in people vaccinated and unvaccinated.

The team also found that vaccine recipients were less likely to develop other symptoms of a depression disorder.

“There are a lot of patients out there who might have a higher risk of having more depression symptoms or depression-related health conditions,” Gebau said.

The National Institute of Mental Health funded the study.

Gebber said the study does not address how the vaccine may help people with depression.

She said it is possible that the vaccine could have positive effects on patients, but there are no proven clinical trials that have tested that.

For now, Gebaros study does suggest that it is important for doctors to know about the potential benefits of the coronvirus vaccine and how they can help people who are struggling with depression, especially if they have other mental health issues.

“You’re trying to give people something to talk about when they’re depressed, but what does it mean for them to be able to talk to their doctor about it?

And what does that mean for the doctor to be the source of comfort and support?”

Gebaus said.

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