How to be the best nurse specialist in Australia

How do you become a nurse specialist?

The answer is in the same place every nurse specialist needs to be.

A nurse specialist is a nurse who has been trained to work in a clinical setting.

The key to becoming a nurse specialty is to become a specialist in one or more of the following areas: health care management, patient care, healthcare administration, medical research, patient safety, medical education, care of the aged and care of children.

Nurse specialists in each of these areas are expected to: act as a primary care professional in the field of their specialty, and be able to do so safely, effectively and ethically.

They are expected, however, to provide appropriate care in the context of a variety of health conditions.

And they are expected in all circumstances to act within the framework of the law.

For a nurse to become an accredited nurse specialist, the following requirements must be met: a master’s degree in nursing, and/or a higher level of training in a field other than nursing; at least 12 years of experience in nursing or other healthcare related work, and the ability to provide high quality nursing care in a safe and ethical manner; and to be able and willing to act in a responsible manner and in accordance with the law, ethical standards and standards of care.

If you are interested in becoming a Nurse Specialist, please visit the ABC’s website and apply.

For more information on how to become accredited, please refer to RNSSRN’s Nursing Accreditation guide.

ABC News: RNs in your area

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