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What’s it like to be in a tooth-free car?

A new car has been fitted with a ‘pen’ that can be inserted into the teeth to ‘dentify’ them.

The device is designed to be inserted in and around the car to help with the removal of cavities.

Clinical psychologist and researcher Sarah Wills, from the University of Adelaide, said the system would help people with dental conditions or conditions associated with dental problems.

“It will be a very powerful tool in the clinic and in the community that will assist people with conditions associated and/or related to dental problems,” she said.

“You could have people with severe dental conditions that are difficult to manage and that need assistance with the process.”

Dr Wills said the device was not meant to replace an oral surgeon or dentist, but rather would be used to assist with the dental health of people with certain conditions.

“Dental problems are really difficult to diagnose,” she explained.

“What it is, is the first step of dental health.

It’s a very complex process and it’s really important for people to get regular check-ups.”

Dr Paul Masefield, from Sydney University, said it was important to ensure the dental system was being used correctly.

“If you can’t do the work that’s required of you, and you’re having to rely on others, then you’re not being given the best dental care, he said.

Dr Masefields said dentists needed to ensure they were following proper guidelines to ensure dental care was appropriate for the population.”

The main issue with the way we do dental care in Australia is we’re using a lot of different methods,” he said, “which isn’t good for the overall health of our population.


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