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A woman in Jerusalem receives emergency treatment at a care clinic

An elderly woman in her 60s is being treated for an ear infection after her house caught fire in Jerusalem on Sunday.

A family of four was living in the neighborhood of Mitzpe Shalom, near the Old City, when they received an emergency call at around 5 p.m. local time, police said.

A passerby noticed the smoke coming from a damaged home and rushed inside.

After treating the elderly woman, police discovered the fire was set deliberately, and she was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Firefighters found the cause of the fire in a basement, which was filled with gas.

They quickly put out the fire, and the woman was taken in to the intensive care unit.

A neighbor said she thought the woman had just gotten off work and was taking a walk when she noticed the fire.

She told the Times of Israel newspaper that she was shocked when she realized the fire had been set deliberately.

“It was such a sudden fire, I thought she had been playing with a firecracker,” she said.

“I ran outside and saw the fire coming out of the basement.”

The elderly woman had been hospitalized for two weeks, but her condition has improved since then, she said, adding that she is recovering.

She was transferred to the Jerusalem hospital for further treatment.

A spokesperson for the Israel Fire Protection Authority said the incident was under investigation.

A police spokesperson said they have been informed and are investigating the case.

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