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Why do people still love dogs?

It’s not the dog you know, or the cat you love, but what you do with it is as important as what you have with it.

We are seeing this trend in pet clinics across Australia, and it is happening across a number of categories, according to a new report.

The report from the Australian Pet Health Network (APNHN) also revealed that pet owners and veterinarians were increasingly choosing to provide a holistic care for their pets.

The APNHN’s survey found that pet ownership was growing, with more than one in five owners reporting having pets.

While a similar proportion of owners said they would be willing to have a dog, owners are more likely to be willing and able to spend up to $600 on a pet, the report found.

The survey also revealed a growing interest in the care of pets as part of a holistic lifestyle.

More than a third of owners in the pet clinic industry reported having their pets in a pet-care facility.

The APHN survey also found that almost one in four pet owners (23 per cent) were actively looking for a new pet.

Pet owners were also more likely than the general public to report that they had an interest in buying a pet from a pet clinic.

Pet ownership is increasing in Australia, but more owners are choosing to look at pet-related care options than ever before.

This is because pet owners are increasingly opting for holistic and non-invasive veterinary care, according the APHNSN.

In addition to offering a holistic, holistic approach to pet care, many pet owners also say that they find their pets to be more relaxed, less stressed and more sociable, according APNHNSN president and CEO Lisa Taylor.APNHNS NAPN president, Lisa Taylor, says people are seeking a holistic approachPet owners and owners of animals are more willing to spend money on petsPet owners are not just looking for an emotional and social bond with their petsPet ownership has also become more popular among consumers, with a growing number of pet owners choosing to give their pets the best care possible.

A recent APHNAS survey of pet care practitioners across Australia found that a total of 18 per cent of practitioners were actively seeking to increase their pet ownership.

Another 30 per cent were actively considering expanding their pet-ownership portfolios, while another 20 per cent indicated that they would consider doing so.

The new APH NASN survey, conducted in June and July, also found some interesting trends.

The most popular pet care options for the most popular groups were:The highest number of owners reporting that they were interested in a dog (21 per cent), were also the most likely to say they would buy a dog from a veterinarian.

And, while pet owners were less likely to buy a cat (16 per cent in the sample), this did not necessarily mean that the number of cat owners decreased.

More people were willing to pay $600 or more for a dog than for a cat.

This suggests that people are choosing dogs because of the comfort and safety that comes with them, the APNHNAS report said.

The study also found the highest level of interest in pets among owners who identified themselves as vegan or vegetarian.

The vegan option is popular among pet owners, with just 10 per cent saying they were currently vegan.

In contrast, about 60 per cent said they had ever been vegetarian, and almost three quarters of owners who reported that they are vegan also said that they have a vegan pet.

Vegans are also more willing than vegans to spend on pets, with one in six owners reporting spending $600 to $1,000 on pets.

More than half of owners (55 per cent ) said that their pets would be more comfortable with their owners being vegan.

This was particularly true for dogs.

More and more pet owners said that the pets they have are more comfortable in their homes with them.

More than half (56 per cent ), or 53 per cent , said that pets have more socialising opportunities with their owner, while a further 26 per cent or 34 per cent reported that their pet is more active in the home with them compared to non-vegans.APHAVA is the official pet-safety charity of the Australian Veterinary Association.

APHAVA supports and promotes animal welfare and animal health in Australia.


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