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What do you do when your dog goes missing? What do the owners of the missing dog clinic in London say?

It’s been two months since a family of five lost their beloved dog, Rufus, and are still searching for him.

Now the mystery of how he went missing is being investigated by London’s Missing Dogs and Missing Pets Society.

The missing dog has been on a short walk with a friend on the outskirts of London, and when the group returned to the house where they had been staying they found the family had gone on holiday.

The dog had gone missing while the group was staying at a house in a leafy part of London’s South East End, in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The owner, who was not identified, called 999 to report that Rufuses feet were stuck in a tree, but they were unable to reach him.

They found him in a bush, but as they tried to climb over the tree to find him he became trapped.

They called the police, who arrived at the house just before 3am and tried to get the dog back.

He was found in a field nearby.

But it was not until a few hours later that the family found out that their dog had been killed by a stray dog in a nearby park.

Police have said that while there were “significant risks” of the dog being injured, it was the only thing that could have caused him to die.

But there is no suggestion the dog had ever bitten anyone.

Police are looking into how the family could have gone missing so quickly and without warning, and they are looking for any CCTV footage to help them find out what happened to Rufs body.

Rufus was born with spurs in his feet, but it was thought they were the result of a puppy that had been stolen by the owner of the home where the group had been living.

It is believed the dog was killed by an unknown person and disposed of.

The group of five, who are all friends, said that the dog should not have been taken.

“If you see something like that in the wild, you need to be vigilant and make sure it’s safe to approach,” they said.

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