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When are you best able to visit Mayo Clinic?

Mayo Clinic is opening a new Vision Clinic portal that offers the same services as the old one, but it’s also an entirely new program that will be open to people with vision problems and their families.

The portal, called Vision Clinic Portal, will offer a number of services including health screenings, checkups, and more.

“We’re really excited to be opening this portal and we’re confident that it will be a very important piece of Mayo Clinic’s vision for the future,” said Dr. Nancy McBride, president of MayoClinicVision, in a statement.

It’s the first time a new vision clinic has opened on the Mayo Clinic campus since 2008.

The clinic opened in 2012.

It opened with a total of 12 patients, all with vision challenges, according to the Mayo News Service.

Mayo Clinic hopes to open a total 50 Vision Clinic locations around the country by 2020.

“The goal of Vision Clinic is to help people with a variety of vision issues, including people with low vision or moderate vision, to access a variety and quality of care,” said McBride.

“People with a vision deficit, vision-impaired people, those with limited vision, those who have trouble seeing the outside, people with diabetes, and those with a medical condition all qualify for access to services like vision clinic.”

The Mayo Clinic said it expects to open about 30 new clinics in the coming years.

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