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‘I can’t imagine my life without my GP’: GP says ticket clinic ‘is the only way I know to make sure I’m well’

Posted October 24, 2018 07:21:08 The Queensland Government has announced a pilot scheme to give GP surgeries a new and lucrative role as ticket clinic providers, as well as opening a new residential care centre.

The Government has said the pilot will see three clinics opened over four years and will see more than 1,500 new patients registered in three years.

“The ticket clinic is a fantastic opportunity for us to give the Queensland Health Care System a boost in the years ahead, as it has a massive need for primary care,” Health Minister Cameron Dick told 7.30.

“I can only imagine my time in the GP chair is the only thing that keeps me going.”

The GP surgeries will be able to run clinics to fill any patient’s urgent care needs and will be available to offer more flexible day-to-day care.

The scheme will be rolled out over four-year periods from 2018-19, with three clinics open each year.

The first of the three clinics, located in the Sunshine Coast, will open in March 2019 and run between 11am and 7pm, while the second clinic will open on December 16.

“This is an exciting new opportunity for the Queensland Government to offer access to care to those who need it most,” Mr Dick said.

“It’s not only about increasing access to GP services, it’s also about supporting local communities and encouraging patients to travel to regional Queensland.”

In order to offer the new services, a $30 million grant will be allocated for the three-year pilot and a $20 million grant is earmarked for the clinic to open in 2020.

The second clinic in the Brisbane area, which will open next year, will be open from November, with another $20m in funding allocated for a third clinic in 2019.

The third clinic will be opened in 2020 with a total of $30m earmarked.

“We’re making good progress in the pilot, but the first four clinics will still need to be built and we’re very close to achieving the pilot’s target of reaching 80 per cent of our capacity by 2019,” Mr Brown said.

The Minister said he hoped the pilot would help bring in more people to primary care and provide a boost to the Queensland economy.

“People who are currently in the community may have seen the benefits that a GP clinic can bring to a local area, and I think that’s something that’s very important to our community,” he said.

In Queensland, the health system employs about 3,500 people, of whom about 1,300 are on the medical rolls, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The number of GP surgeries in Queensland has increased by 50 per cent since 2000, but there is a shortfall in the number of primary care beds, as the Queensland health system tries to fill vacancies.

The Queensland Health Plan has said it aims to meet the needs of 100,000 primary care doctors by 2020, but some doctors are questioning the need for an extra 1,000 doctors.

Mr Brown is also hopeful the pilot scheme will also help ease pressure on the regional Queensland health care system.

“There’s an increasing need for a variety of services to be delivered in the areas where we have the largest number of acute care beds,” he told 7:30.

“I’m very confident that this scheme will have a significant impact on that need and the number and size of beds in regional Queensland as well.”


Health clinic to open in Vancouver in two years

A health clinic is set to open its doors in Vancouver next year and is being touted as a place to get “good quality” health care.article source Financial POST title Vancouver clinic opens in two-year bid to become the ‘healthiest’ clinic in the city article Health clinics in Vancouver and the rest of B.C. have been under fire for being expensive and lacking quality, with the province facing criticism that they were “not providing the quality care we all need.”article source financial post title Vancouver health clinic sets to open next year article The Vancouver Health Clinic will open its door to Vancouver residents in 2019 and has been hailed as a new model for the city.article article source Financial post title Vancity clinic to reopen in two months in hopes of becoming the ‘best in Vancouver’ article A Vancouver clinic is slated to open a new clinic next year in hopes that Vancouver residents will become “healthiest” and become more willing to use its services.article title Vancouver Health clinic opens to offer health clinics, petco vet, medical clinics article Vancouver Health is seeking to open the first health clinic in B.A.C., which has seen record numbers of people seeking care for chronic diseases, including cancer, after a new plan was approved to bring more patients to the city’s clinics.article official source Financialpost title Vancouver’s first health clinics set to reopen, offering services to the chronically ill and sick article The city of Vancouver has agreed to open four health clinics to provide services to people with chronic illnesses and other chronic health problems, including a petco veterinary clinic, a health clinic for dental care and the Vancouver Vet Clinic.article Financial Post article Vancouver Vet clinic to begin in 2019article Vancouver Vet Care Centre to open by fall 2019article Health clinics are now being considered as a potential model for other Canadian cities to follow, says health expert Richard Aylward.article financial post source financial blog title Vancouver Vet clinics set for 2019 opening in 2019 article Vancouver vet clinic to start in 2019Article Vancouver VetCare Centre to begin by fall2019, says Dr. Richard A. Aylard, Vancouver Vet Medical Clinic (VMC)Dr. Alyard says the VMC will be “a model for future Vancouver clinics” to follow.article health clinic Vancouver, VMC to open 2019Article VMC, a pet medical clinic, will be in Vancouver’s West End, near the intersection of King and Victoria streets.article Vancouver, VetCare, a dental clinic, is located in the same area as VMC.

Article Vancouver Veterinary Clinic to begin 2019 in VancouverThe VMC is being set to begin operations in 2019, but is not the first Vancouver clinic to do so.

In 2017, Vancouver Health opened its first health care clinic in West Vancouver.

In the meantime, the city has opened more than 20 health clinics.VMC has said it is “a step towards the city becoming the healthiest place on earth.”

The city of Burnaby opened a dental and pet clinic in January.

In 2019, the Vancouver City Council approved a motion to set up the Vancouver Veterinary Hospital.

Vancouver Health, which opened in 2015, and the West End Veterinary Clinic opened in December.

Vancouver Vet Care opened in October, but only opened for a few months before closing in January 2019.

Vancouver Vet, which was in operation since June 2018, is set for completion in December 2019.

Viacom Vancouver’s Health and Wellness Center is scheduled to open this year.VTC has already announced it will be opening a veterinary clinic in 2017.

Billings clinic gets $7.5 million from Ontario health system

A health facility in Billings, Ont., will receive $7 million in funding from the province to expand its mental health services, the province announced Tuesday.

The Billings Health Sciences Centre (BHSC) will receive about $4 million from the Health Technology Strategy Ontario (HTSO), a $3.7-billion capital project to boost the capacity of mental health clinics across the province.HTSE is funded through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan, which has been approved by the provincial government.

It is a $5.5-billion program that will fund $7 billion in new funding for health and social services over the next four years.

In January, Ontario Health Minister Eric Hoskins announced the province was awarding $4.6 billion in federal and provincial funding to the province’s mental health program, which was under-resourced and under-performing.

Hoskins said at the time that the funding would help ensure the health care system was meeting the needs of patients and their families, and was an important component of addressing Ontario’s growing health care needs.

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