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How to get an affordable pet dental clinic in LA, according to the LA City Council

L.A. City Council members will consider a bill that would expand access to affordable pet clinics in their neighborhoods by giving residents who qualify the option to apply for a dental care subsidy.

The measure, SB521, was introduced Wednesday by Councilman Maxine Quintero and would allow residents to apply online to receive a subsidy from the Los Angeles Department of Public Health (DPH) for a visit to a dental clinic.

The dental care would cost between $200 and $350.

Quintero, who represents the 12th District, is sponsoring the bill because she believes there are too many people in L.I.C. who cannot afford to have a dental surgery and not enough options in LADOT’s system.

“People need access to the dental care that they need,” Quinteros spokesperson, Lauren McBroom, told ABC News.

The bill is aimed at allowing those in Los Angeles County who are eligible to receive dental care subsidies to pay for their care.

“This legislation will make it easier for those with low incomes to access affordable, quality dental care for their pets,” McBrooms spokesperson said.

The legislation was approved by the full council on Tuesday, and the council will hold a final vote on it next week.

The bill now goes to the full City Council, which could take weeks to approve it.

The council is expected to vote on the bill sometime in December.

How to keep an eye on the North Korean border for new cases

By Dan LydonThe latest in the saga of the South’s latest pandemic is a North Korean doctor who’s reportedly been treating South Koreans at the North Korea-based Clinic North Memorial Clinic.

North Memorial is located in a nondescript building on a major road in the North’s capital, Pyongyang.

The clinic was founded in 2004 by the same North Korean couple who run a small clinic in South Korea that treated patients with diabetes and cancer.

Since then, it has expanded its network of more than 40 doctors in South Korean and overseas.

It has treated more than 2,000 South Koreans with various diseases and has received more than 1,500 requests for visits, according to local media.

It’s unclear how many South Koreans have been admitted to North Memorial.

The number of North Korean patients treated there is also unknown, and the clinic does not disclose the number of patients.

The clinic opened in September 2014, according the South Korean government, after the first North Korean patient was admitted there.

North Korea denies it is running a clinic, saying only that it offers treatment to people who have visited the clinic for treatment.

The South Korean foreign ministry has also not commented on whether North Korea is paying doctors to treat its citizens.

It said the clinic has been closed for “over a month”.

The North Korean foreign minister, Ri Yong Ho, visited Seoul in January and said he has no reason to believe the clinic is run by North Korean officials.

North Korea has repeatedly denied the existence of a South Korean clinic and the foreign ministry said last week it would stop any visits to the North.

But the clinic appears to be operating without any formal permission from the government.

The government is also not allowed to inspect North Korean clinics.

It is not known whether the North is operating the clinic, and it is not clear if the clinic operates independently or whether the foreign minister has any say over who visits the clinic.

South Korean media have said the North was aware of the clinic’s existence.

North Korean officials have said it is operating independently.

The foreign ministry says North Korea has a number of other clinics in the country, including a small one in South Hamgyong Province.

It does not mention the clinic in the media report and the ministry has denied the clinic exists.

North Korean doctors are known to be in the habit of sending patients to South Korea.

Last year, a doctor at the same clinic was arrested after allegedly killing a South Korea national in the clinic where he was treating.

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