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Mayo Clinic clinic manks to stop practice of ‘sex-selection’ procedure

Mayo Clinic in Minnesota has agreed to stop performing the procedure, which it described as “sex-selective,” on some patients.

The hospital said it is “disappointed” by the decision.

The Mayo Clinic said it does not believe the practice of “sex selection” is acceptable and will continue to provide services to patients who have the surgery, according to a statement on its website.

Mayo Clinic spokeswoman Debra DeLaMoura said the hospital would not perform the surgery on any patients whose insurance does not cover the procedure.

“We do not believe that this practice is medically necessary and we are working with the state to provide guidance to our health care providers in an effort to provide them with the necessary tools to perform this procedure,” DeLaMino said.

The practice of performing the surgery involves the insertion of a small piece of plastic tubing into a woman’s vagina.

The tube is then connected to a needle that then injects the sperm into the woman’s body.

The procedure can be performed by medical doctors or nurses.

Some states have banned the practice, and in Minnesota, doctors cannot perform the procedure if they are practicing in the state, which has some of the strictest abortion laws in the country.

In a statement, the Mayo Clinic acknowledged that the practice is “unsafe and may cause complications” but said it believes it is necessary to protect patients.

It said the clinic would continue to work with the Minnesota Health Department to make changes in the procedures that will “protect the health and well-being of our patients and staff.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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