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Can we get rid of the pet clinic?

Posted September 13, 2018 12:23:56The pet clinic is one of the most popular places in the country, but some say it is causing harm.

The Australian Veterinary Medical Association says it has seen an increase in cases of pet allergies and has seen the number of people returning to the pet clinics increase.

“We do believe that the pet community is going through an era of stress and anxiety where people are more reluctant to come to clinics and have their pets,” said veterinarian Dr Andrew Nappas.

“Pet allergies are very common, people are having more allergies and the fear of pet exposure to people, dogs and pets is increasing.”

In the past two years, the AVMA has seen more than 500 complaints from patients about the pet service, and there have been more than 70 pet allergy cases reported to its vet clinic in 2017.

Dr Nappachas says the pet health industry is now in a vulnerable position.

“There’s so many people who are suffering from pet allergies, and people who have allergies to a number of different things,” he said.

“People are getting increasingly concerned about the possibility of a possible allergy reaction and getting the message that they need to get tested for allergies.”

The AVMA is encouraging pet owners to consider pet clinics if they are considering the idea of a veterinary appointment.

“In some circumstances, pet clinics might be more suited to a family than an individual who has a serious medical condition,” Dr Nappacheas said.

Dr Chris Taylor is a pet health specialist with the Veterinary Medical Board of Victoria.

“I’ve worked with patients for over 20 years, I have seen first-hand how pet clinics can be a very, very stressful experience,” he told ABC Radio Victoria.

Dr Taylor said patients were reluctant to take their pets to veterinary clinics because of concerns for their health and pets.

“Some of the patients will get a referral from a vet to a pet clinic and that’s when you see some really serious reactions, serious respiratory problems, cardiac problems, even kidney and liver problems,” he explained.

“Sometimes it can be very distressing for people.”

Dr Taylor recommends that pet owners have their pet tested and if it is found to be allergic, the patient should go to a clinic.

“The best thing is to get a veterinary health professional to come in and check your pet and to make sure it is not an issue,” he advised.

“It is a bit of a risk but the better the pet, the better you are protected.”


When you have a problem with vein clinics, you should know how to contact the police

Queensland Police are warning people with serious medical problems to contact police if they believe they are being harassed.

Key points:Health Minister James Merlino says his department will be using Twitter to get people to report suspected threats or harassment at a vein clinicVentilation is often referred to as “pain management” because of its benefits to healthIt is a controversial subject, and many believe it should be left up to individual patients.

However, Queensland Health Minister James Morgan says his state is working with Twitter to help people get the word out.

“We’ve had some tweets about this, which we’re looking into, and we’ll be using them to let people know if they’re reporting something, if they think it’s something they can report to police,” he said.

“But we’re not taking any steps yet at this stage to police the people involved.”

Mr Morgan said it was the first time Queensland had asked the public to report a reported incident.

“If you’re reporting someone who’s a patient, or someone that has a serious medical condition and they’ve told you they’ve been verbally abused, you shouldn’t be afraid to tell the police,” Mr Morgan said.

Police will use Twitter to send information about potential threats to the Queensland Ambulance Service, the Queensland Police Service, and the Queensland Crime Commission.

“The Queensland Ambuls are always on the lookout for people to complain about, but they’re not doing any policing,” he added.

“It’s the only way to make sure there’s a report made.”

And it’s also a very, very good thing that we’re working with the police on this.


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